Thursday, January 31, 2013

Emmie Elizabeth

Emmie Elizabeth,
our newest Miracle came to us on December 3, 2012.
(the night before)
I went into labor at 4 am, and labored all morning into the afternoon. 
We got the older kids off to school in the morning, Brad called in to work and we got ready to have another baby!!
While I labored, we walked the neighborhood to move things along.

(How about that amazing outfit I'm wearing?!  It was cold outside so I put on some pants under my dress. 
 Awesome isn't it?)

Brad's amazing sister (Melissa) came to be with us and to meet the baby.  Luckily, she came before she was born so she got to be at the birth.

On the way back from our walk the contractions became more intense, but still very bearable.
Brad's such an awesome support!
I love that man! 

When we got back inside, I mentioned that I wanted to sit on my big exercise ball, but we couldn't find it.  Makenzie heard me say this and she told me that I could use her ball.  
(a small $1 inflatable ball that is about 1 foot in diameter)
She was so cute about it, I said okay.
She then proceeded to search the entire house over several times in an attempt to find her ball so that I could use it.  She was SO disappointed that she couldn't find it and even began to cry.
It was so precious to see her try to help me in her cute way!!!!
My mom, having her heart pricked with compassion for this sweet 3 year old on a mission to help her mom, told her that she'd take her to the store to buy me a ball.
Makenzie immediately perked up, grabbed her shoes and headed out the door with her grandma (and Aunt Melissa and Brielle).
They came back with 3 balls.
A big one for me,
and 2 small ones for Makenzie and Brielle.
(p.s.  that is a 'baby' inside of Makenzie's shirt.  Her baby was going to come out at the same time my baby was.)

After a while, I got into the tub.  I never did feel like my contractions got very intense.  I was talking and laughing the entire labor.  After 3 o'clock in the afternoon, my contractions still felt mediocre in intensity.  Remembering my last two labors and the fatigue I felt as well as the intensity of the contractions, I considered that I still had quite a bit of time left to labor.  My midwife checked me and told me that I was at 8 cm and the head was low.  I couldn't believe it!  I still felt too good.

At one point during the end contractions, Makenzie wanted to get in the tub with me.  I figured that since I still felt good she could.  While she was in there, she sweetly rubbed by back to 'help' me though the contractions.
Funny side story...  Ever since watching the movie Land Before Time, Makenzie has become Little Foot.  She insists that everyone call her little foot and corrects EVERYONE who calls her anything else.  She crawls around the house, stores, parks, and any other place we go.  She picks things up with her mouth, licks people and things to 'kiss' them and even makes the noises Little Foot from the movie made.  While she was in the water with me and was rubbing my back, I heard my midwife say, "Oh honey, don't lick you mother."  It was so hilarious, especially when I explained that she was a dinosaur and was just being affectionate.  Hahaha.

After a while, Makenzie went downstairs.  A few minutes later, I gave birth to little Emmie!
It was love at first sight!!!
(I attribute my easier labor with being well rested and the fact that Emmie was born in her bag.  My water never broke so each contraction was cushioned.  Her head was also perfectly shaped.)

Just seconds after Emmie was born, Makenzie came running into the room with the biggest smile on her face.  She stripped down to her underwear and jumped into the tub to meet her little sister.

She is such an angel!!!  She has brought so much joy and peace to our family.

Grandma meeting her newest grand-baby!

Aunt Melissa

Then all the kids got to meet their little sister!!!

She is well loved!

Just in time for Christmas!!!  The best gift I could ask for!

Our first family picture as a family of 9!

I just had to put a picture of this little doll.  
She was talking to Grandma, who happened to be in the same room as us. 


Maranda Whittle said...

Congrats Heather, she is a cutie! (My birthday is December 3rd!!)

Log and Annie Pearce said...

I loved this soo much! I was laughing at every thing Kenzie was doing. Sooo cute, helping you find her ball. Haha and licking you because she's little foot. I love that soo much! So stinkin cute! I didn't know Emmie was born in her bag! That's amazing! I want one of those births! you look beautiful in all these pictures! You are such an amazing and inspiring mom love you so much