Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Makenzie's 1st Birthday

I can't believe that 1 year ago today, I had this beautiful girl.

She is such a joy!!

And she loved her cake.

She didn't want to get her hands dirty but after we gave her a spoon, she dug in.

Did I mention I LOVE this girl SOOO much?

She has brought so much to my life.
She has helped me realize what is most important.
She has taught me how to love more deeply and completely.
She brings a smile to my face at least a million times a day.
She has taught me to slow down and enjoy the little moments that could easily slip away.

I didn't know that someone's EVERY SINGLE move, sound, facial expression, even breath could be so adorable.


Mom 4 Kids said...


L & A Pearce said...

oh my gosh heather! me and log are becoming obsessed with your blogs we LOVE them!! you are amazing seriously its rediculous! thank you so much for having one and keeping up on it. and you have the cutest girl of all my life i can't believe how big she is now shes so sweet i love her! happy birthday kenzie!! love you!!!

ShopHotPinkDiaries said...

Happy happy very First Birthday little Makenzie Girl!! She is your wish come true :) xoxo

Blair Family said...

It has been so long since I have checked your blog. I don't think I even knew you were pregnant. yeah!!! I am so glad that you could experience the best of both worlds (adopting and having your own)! You are an amazing mom!!!

Maranda Whittle said...

Awwwwh! Happy birthday to her!

Evans Fam said...

Happy Birthday Makenzie! I love your posts Heather. You are always inspiring me! You and your family are AMAZING!!!

Janalie said...

I am one of those moms who says,"Happy Birthday" and then have to turn around so they don't see my crying. I just love remembering the day my little ones were born. Happy Birthday Makenzie!!!

Melanie W. said...

Happy birthday Makenzie!! She is so adorable, and love her cake pictures! I see so much of you in her! Glad she has brought so much joy to your life!

lucy said...

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