Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

The Easter Bunny came to our house today!


~ I captured her on camera ~

She's just as cute from the front

After capturing her, I gave her a pedicure.

We had a pretty good day today considering it was a holiday.
About an hour or two after we got up and the kids found their Easter baskets, 
things were going really well!  

The kids were saying things like,
"This is so awesome!"
"We're so lucky."
"Do you want some of my candy?" (said to a sibling no less!)
"What color crayon do you want?  Here you go."

No one was destroying any of their new possessions.
No one was trying to attack someone else.
They were all playing peacefully TOGETHER!

I was in heaven.
And I was planning on writing a post bragging about having a really good holiday with 4 traumatized kids!

We did get some of our normalcy back however.

One of them suddenly got this intense need to destroy something.
After trying to stop the destruction a few times, Brad finally gave him something to destroy.
We sent him on his way (to his designated spot in the house) and told him to let us know when he was finished.

We had several incidents of misplaced poop.

When they were well on their way to WAY overstimulating each other, we had some quiet time to give them a chance to calm down.

Which worked for a while.

In the afternoon, there were a few body slams but nothing too major.
We did close out the night with 2 of the kids losing it in their rooms at bedtime.
They switched between manic hysterical laughter and raging screaming for nearly 2 hours.


All things considered...
It was a GREAT day with good memories made!
We had family over for dinner
(Jazmine, Kishawn, and Lauren - my sis)

My dad came in from Arizona!
What a wonderful treat for us to have Papa! 
 (A lot of people ask me where Makenzie got her gorgeous blue eyes from.
Well, here you have it.  I've always wanted his eyes and my baby got them!) 

 It is SO important to ENJOY the journey.
Moments like these make it easier.

I am so richly blessed!!


Janae said...

Happy Easter Sweetie!

AJoyfulBabyBowtique said...

happy easter to a beautiful family!! xoxo

The Sandry Family said...

Thank you for sharing your Easter. I like the new picture and Im glad you allow us to view them Thank you again for everything you and Brad do for the kids. I cannot say Thank you enough for being there for them.