Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I LOVE homeschooling!

Before homeschooling - 
  • My kids stole and hoarded food and toys.
  • They would rather do ANYTHING, including staying in their rooms, than do something with the family.
  • They thought that THINGS would solve their problems and fill the emptiness they felt inside and became desperate if they didn't get the most recent THING they thought they had to have.
  • They fought us on EVERYTHING, especially anything related to school.
  • They absolutely could NOT and would NOT interact with other children, especially each other, in an appropriate way. 
After homeschooling - (First off I should qualify this saying that we are still working through a LOT of stuff with them, but our definition  GOOD is way different than it used to be.  And THIS, for our family, is not only good it's GREAT!!)
  • They LOVE books and are starting to LOVE reading!
  • They no longer look for THINGS to fill the emptiness they feel.
  • Although school related things can still call for extreme control battles, they are taking more initiative in seeing that they get their work done on their own.  
  • We are starting to have short periods of time every now and then when they interact with each other in a healthy way!!
Today, out of the blue, Jazmine said,
"THINGS aren't important.  Family and having parents is important."

They are also starting to develop self-esteem.  In the past (and still sometimes now), when they weren't able to do something correctly or when they got corrected they completely shut down.  They felt terrible about themselves and their feelings would manifest themselves in their behavior by bullying someone else, getting defiant and disrespectful and throwing fits.  I love the little moments that show that they are finally starting to see value in themselves.  For example, yesterday and today we took Jazmine to the pool that Brad works at and had her swim with the swim team to see if she liked it.  At one point they were diving off the diving blocks and Jazmine didn't get how to do it.  When she was finished, her comment about it was, "I'm still working on learning how to dive but I'll get it.  I loved swim team." 

I don't think anything could make me feel happier than to see my kids finally 'get it'!!!


AJoyfulBabyBowtique said...

heather, you are amazing. you are doing amazing things with your beautiful children. they are so very very blessed to have you guys for parents. and isn't it amazing how when you are teaching them so many, many things the invaluable lessons they teach you? God is so good. thinking of you and am continually amazed at your strength.

Christine said...

Nodding my head so hard in agreement, I think I rattled something loose.

Mom said...

Don't you just love it when those little (huge) miracles unfold?

Morris Mama said...

You deserve the mom of the year award! You and your kiddos are great!

The Sandry Family said...

Heather I just want to say Thank You for everything you are doing with my Grandkids. And I am happy they are making great progress in their behavior. The situation with Jada not wanting to give you three blue ones.That is her Mother all over again. I commend you on you efforts. Thank you again for everything you are doing.