Monday, February 1, 2010

How to know when progress is happening...

Today a whopping 3 of 4 kids finished their school and house work before lunch!! That, in and of itself, is a miracle in our household. Among the 3 finishing kids there were minimal control games played and lots of enthusiasm!

To celebrate we took them to the local thrift store to find some ice skates for them. There is an outdoor skating rink within walking distance of our home, but we haven't been able to use it due to lack of skates.

While we were there, Brad asked Kishawn to choose between getting ice skates or snow boots for his snowboard. (Kishawn snowboards down the hill in our backyard every chance he gets, but right now he has a cheap flimsy plastic board. He LOVES to snowboard!) So, what was his answer?

"I think I'll take the skates 'cause then I can do that with the family."

That melted Brad's heart and he bought him both of them.


Jazmine said (completely on her own without any prompting) that she wanted to buy Gramma Mia a necklace to replace the one she broke. She used every bit of her birthday money to buy Gramma the necklace. She must have said at least 5 times,

"I feel so happy that I bought this for Gramma! I can't wait to give it to her!"

We drove to Gramma's work (she is now working as a nurse!) and Jazmine gave her the necklace. She cried and Jazmine was thrilled!


When we were driving home, Kishawn asked if we could go out to eat. Brad answered that we could go to the 'Porter House'. He said they have great food there and I added that the chef was fantastic (Brad is the cook in our house). I told them the chef's name is Bradley Scott Porter. (Typically a 'no' answer elicits an immediate tantrum but instead...) The kids got it and talked among themselves. It went something like this...
"Oh yeah that place is great! It's actually in our house!"
"I know I love that place!"
"And what's cool about it is the maker (chef) even gets to eat with us!"
"Oh cool! I love that!"
"It's so cool to have that in our house!"
Whatever has happened to my kids, please stay this way at least for the rest of the night?!
I'm loving this!!!!!


Janae said...

Oh yeah!! I love this! I'm glad that you guys had a great day and hopefully it finishes off that way ;)
I love that Brad ended up buying Kishawn both boots & skates. That made me laugh & a little teary. I'm happy to hear you guys are seeing progress. That's fabulous! Love you sweetie!

Laree said...

This post made me so happy! I love to hear that you do a have a good day every once in a while with your little ones. Heavenly Father does hear our prayers. I love you. Keep hanging in there and clinging to days like this one. I know they will begin to happen more and more often. It is impossible for you to comprehend what effects this miracle that is taking place is, and is going to have on a countless number of lives. I hope you can see that the lives touched and changed are far beyond the walls of your own home. You are my hero. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us. I love you, sister.

Melanie W. said...

Wow, you very much deserve great days like this! It must be so exciting to see these changes. Hope you guys are having fun with the new ice skates!