Friday, January 1, 2010

Baby Pictures of the Kids!!!!

While I was in Arizona for my sister's wedding, I got to meet part of the kid's biological family. My mom went with me to meet their birth mother's dad, step-mom, and step brother and sister. They were very welcoming to us. I had a great time with them.
The kid's mom died in a car accident last April. Her family gave me some pictures she had of the kids that they had found after she died.
I was very excited because other than the pictures that Jada's foster family gave me of her, I had no pictures of them before we got them.

This picture was actually taken after we got them.
It was taken during one of the visits they had with their mom.
(Kiana, Jada, their birth mom, Kishawn and Jazmine)

This is Kiana as a baby, before she lost her baby hair.

This is Jazmine as a baby.
From left to right - Jazmine, birth mom, Kiana.

Jazmine, Kiana and Kishawn as a baby before he lost his baby hair.

Jazmine, Kiana and Kishawn

Jada sometime between 0-4 months of age.

Thank you so much to the kid's family for giving us these pictures!! They mean so much to the kids and to me! What a priceless treasure!


Laurie said...

What a treasure!!! They're all so cute!

The Sandry Family said...

You are so welcome. I am glad the kids like them.