Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Little Cutie!!

I love this little girl SO much!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

From the mouths of babes...

we just came back from a chorus concert that I had.
It was about an hour drive away and we brought the whole family.

After I got there, I changed my clothes and someone else in the choir put my stage makeup on.

I had a few minutes before we started so I went into the auditorium to feed Kenzie.

When Jada saw me all dressed up and made up, she said,
"Mom, you look handsome!"

Then after the concert was over, Kishawn said,

"Mom, you were the prettiest one up there. Like out of all the girls, you were prettiest."

Which reminded me of a few days ago when we were all in the basement doing "Tae Bo" together. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Kishawn looking at me. Finally, he said kind of quiet like,

"Mom, you look sexy."

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Poop, poop and more poop!

Sometimes I wonder if I'm going to be living in a toilet forever!

With all 4 of the kids peeing their pants and getting the urine smell on everything, and poop being deposited everywhere except the toilet almost daily, there is no escaping the feeling of living in a port-a-john.

Today, just after lunch, we were dancing to some music when I smelled the dreaded smell. Kishawn was excused from the "dance floor", to go wash out his pants and take a shower. At this request, he started a raging fit. Me, already close to the end of my rope, started quiet time a little early. Then, after quiet time, the seeming ever present aroma stuck it's head out again when I sat down next to Jazmine. I told her to go take care of it and take a shower.

"I CAN'T!!! IT'S IN THE HOLE THAT'S IN MY WALL!!!" she screamed at me.

So after Brad comes home, he breaks down the dry wall to get to it, and sees a foot high pile of garbage and feces inside of the wall! "There you go" he says... On to the next screaming rage (when combining the kids, this is number 9 for the day).


insert screaming, raging fit here.

Meanwhile, Kishawn is upstairs screaming about having to clean the poop out of his pants, Kiana was sent to play in the basement after she even further enraged the other kids by laughing hysterically at their doings, Jada is taking advantage of me being preoccupied doing her Tasmanian Devil act spilling water all over the kitchen, shredding my papers, dumping the laundry all over the family room, taking the ornaments off the Christmas tree, and spreading Kenzie's nicely put away clothes all over her room. I'm holding Kenzie during all of this and she is turning into herself more and more from all the tension in the house.

To an extent, I have gotten used to afternoons like this, but my poor sweet baby isn't capable of understanding what's going on. So she dissociates and becomes unresponsive to outside stimuli.
At this point, I focus all my attention on comforting her and bringing her back into the present.

Just a little glimpses into a not uncommon afternoon when living with 4 kids with RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder).