Wednesday, January 14, 2009

South Dakota Living

We made it!
After nearly 3 days of driving,
we got to our new house
(to see more pictures of the house click HERE)

I was surprised at how quickly we were able to get everything unpacked and put away.
I'm even more amazed at the vasts amounts of space I have. Our last house felt overcrowded and packed full, this one still looks like no one lives here even with all our stuff in it.

I had a friend come over the other day. She commented, "Oh, so you JUST moved in huh? There's nothing in here!"
Ha ha. Only everything we own.

A few days after we got here we woke up to snow. The kids were more than thrilled. This was their very first experience with snow ever.
So they and Brad headed out to the back yard and entertained themselves for hours.
Jazmine was flying!

After she figured out how to sit on the sled, Kiana had a lot of fun too.
A few mornings later we woke up to about 7 or 8 deer wandering around our house.
I'm still so amazed that I look out my windows to see pine trees, snow and deer!
Coming from Mesa, Arizona, I feel like I'm staying in a cabin.
It's beautiful and I love it!
Although we didn't have a ton to unpack and put away, it did keep me very busy for several days and short cat naps (or dog naps in my case) offered nice breaks in the day.


Morris Mama said...

Glad your move went smoothly. Looks like the kids are already loving it there.

Josh & Melanie said...

wow, you're there already! What a great place to live. I want to come visit!

I don't think I commented on your last post...CONGRATULATIONS on the sealing! What an incredible experience for you all! So awesome.

Oh, and I bet you'll quickly fill up your house, esp. with a new baby on the way!!

Rachel said...

I am so excited that everything is working out so perfectly sister! The house looks amazing and I can't wait till I can go up there to visit you! I miss you guys like crazy and it feels like more than half the family is missing with you guys gone. On your next post I wanna see a picture of 2 little snowmen, do what you gotta do to make it happen. I love you guys more than anything and give your kids kisses for me......and ps is that a new dog?!!

Julie said...

What a beautiful home you have. It sounds like a lot of fun. Since you won't be here, I want you to post pictures of your baby bump (if you ever get one! You're still so tiny!). Good luck in your new house!

Sarah said...

Oh how fun! We got lost on our way home from Vegas and ended up in Flagstaff...I'm so jealous! Your pictures made me want to go back to visit the snow for longer than an hour. Enjoy that SD snow.

Meghan and Sean Green said...

Heather! what an amazing family. can i add you to my blog. I wish you well and congrats on your family being forever!

Karol Turley said...

Trust me, no one is smiling bigger than me that you are here! Well, maybe Justin and Lauren and I come in for a 3-way tie! : )

Laree said...

I am so excited for you with that new huge house. I know what it is like to be crammed and have to throw things away simply because you have no where to put them, and then to move to somewhere that is so much larger that you have to buy things just to fill the space. Isn't it wonderful? I am so happy for you! I cant' imagine what it must be like to wake up to deer and pine trees and snow. We have got to come visit soon. I love you.

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