Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Birthday Fun

Today we celebrated Jazmine's 7th birthday!

In honor of her 7th birthday, I want to list 7 things we love about Jazmine...

1 - She's gorgeous!! People tell her and me all the time how pretty she is. After the first day of school here, she came home and told me that everyone told her she looks like a princess.

2 - I love how excited she gets when she's opening a present. Not only is she excited for what she's getting, she is very enthusiastic about saying thank you. It's very cute and endearing.

3 - She is a MAJOR daddy's girl!! I think most kids go to their mom for bed time cuddles and to be tucked in, but not so with her. Brad is definitely her top choice.

4 - She can be very helpful. Especially with her siblings.

5 - She can make friends anywhere anytime. Other kids seem to be attracted to her. Anytime I take her anywhere, if there's another kid there, she'll know their name and be playing with them even before 5 minutes pass.

6 - She has a very active imagination! She can come up with elaborate imagined stories. She often does this while she's in time-out. Not sure she's learning the lesson she was sent to time-out for, but hey at least she'll never be bored, right?

7 - I get to call her my daughter! I feel so blessed that we were able to adopt her. She has and still is teaching me so much. I am learning so many things through her that I don't think I ever could have learned otherwise. She's been through a lot of heartache and pain in her life and struggles to show her anguish in ways adult would deem appropriate. Although it can be difficult to understand some of her actions and what she is trying to communicate, I am grateful for the opportunity I have to help her heal. I feel I have already learned so much in the process and hope and pray that I continue to learn more so I can help this sweet girl realize her amazing potential and grow up to be the stalwart daughter of God that she is.

Happy Birthday Jazz!!

We love you!


Karol Turley said...

I love my JAZZercize!!!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday Jazmine! She is a beautiful girl!

Jessica said...

She is just beautiful.

Jessica said...

She is just beautiful.