Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Rae Rae!!

It's my sister's birthday!
(Meet Rachel)

We LOVE Rae Rae sooo much!
She is the meat of our family sandwich,
sitting perfectly in the the middle of all of us siblings.
There are 4 older than her and 4 younger than her.

Today is her birthday,
and for her birthday we are introducing her to
this handsome young fellow

(SnowDog the SnowMan) - per Brad

We found him in our back yard this morning.
He told us he came per Rae Rae's request of a snowman.
He wants to wish her a happy birthday,
and I think he even said he'd like to go out on a date with her.

There is one big concern weighing on his mind though.
You see Rae Rae is extremely HOT!!
And Mr. Snowman just might be put in perilous danger around such dramatic heat.
However, after hearing about her total awesomeness and after being shown a picture of her amazingness,
he is more than willing to take the risk.

So Rae Rae,
your presence is requested at the
Porter residence

Seriously, we're not kidding.
You BETTER come!


Rachel said...

Thanks for my man Brad!! Probably the best present ever and if you could just find a way to make him real and ship him over, then you would hands down have given me the best present of all my birthday's combined! haha....however get that dang picture of me off of there! It's gigantic and very unnecessary! You guys are the cutest ever, I love and miss you with all my heart!

Karol Turley said...

She's just a baby lubber
Who is da baby lubber,
She's just da baby lubber
Dat I love!

Da baby lubber,
Da baby lubber,
Da baby lub, I said I lub I lub I lub
Da baby lubber,
Da baby lubber,
Da baby lub, I said I lub I lub I lub
Da baby lubber~~~~~~~~~~