Monday, December 1, 2008

One of My Favorite People

I am so fortunate to have my wonderful, amazing, supportive, encouraging, loving, witty (I could go on forever) Grandma living with us!! She's been with us since her stroke in November 2005. I was SO glad that Brad and I not only had a house that could accommodate her, but also the time and ability. We had just moved into a home in south Gilbert (Seville) about 6 months earlier that could accommodate her wheel chair and had a fantastic bathroom and shower for her. She is what keeps me going sometimes when life proves hard for me. She is constantly doing things for us.

Such as...
Helps the kids with their homework,

Goes to the store at least twice a week to make sure she has cookies for them,
Reads to them,
Takes Jada and her baby (Abby) on walks up and down the street,
Volunteers to watch them as they play outside so I can get things done inside,

Has played baby-sitter more times than I can count,

Walks Kiana down the street to meet the bus (sometimes just far enough behind her to not let her know she's there 'cause Kiana is in a very independent stage),

Shares her TV with them, often watching a cartoon she has no interest in for their sake,

Orders pizza and chicken dinners for us,

Keeps an endless supply of paper, crayons, markers, scissors and pencils for the kids artistic endeavors,

Buys bones and food for our dog, Thor, and feeds him most the time,

Often does my laundry!!!,

Helps the kids with their jobs, when they get overwhelmed, by talking them through each step to do,

Comforts us,

Understands first hand Kiana's physical limitations (her and Kiana's conditions are very similar, one side paralysis, only G-G's is the left side, and Kiana's is the right.) She encourages her, helps her and shows her how to do things. She is the PERFECT role model and positive example for Kiana.

She is attentive to everyone,

Worries about them with me,

Brainstorms ideas to help them,

Laughs with us,

Cries with us,

Is WITH us!

She has been with us for 3 years now. She's been through miscarriages with us, a home renovation and move, the process of getting licensed to get the kids, getting the kids, the roller coaster of emotions we've felt since then and has been a pillar of strength the entire time.

I love this woman so much!!!
She is one of my very best friends!

The kids all adore her too. They call her G-G, short for Great-Grandma. Jada especially has a special place in her heart for G-G, and G-G for her.
Any time during the day that I can't find Jada, all I need to do is look in G-G's room.
Jada is most likely snuggled up on her lap or talking her into getting up to get her a 'cwacker'.
She spends hours each day with her. One of Jada's favorite pass times is going on daily 'walks' up and down our street with G-G.
When we finalized their adoption, we named Jada after G-G giving her the name of Jada Ruth. Grandma's name is Virginia Ruth Skouson.

She is such a wonderful person and has taught me so much about perseverance, being joyful no matter what you are called to endure, and having unconditional love for people. I am so grateful for her presence in my life. Especially these past 3 years.

Thank you Grandma for being YOU!!
You have blessed me and our family more than you will ever know!!
I love you with all my heart!


Karol Turley said...

I smiled and cried through the whole entry. What a wonderful, fitting, and well-deserved tribute to my mother! I am moved to tears myself to think of the blessing she has been in my life. How will I ever be able to thank my Heavenly Father for blessing me to be able to be loved and cared for by her? I guess the best thing I can do is carry on her endless example of loving and giving and caring. I will forever be grateful for her presence in my life. Mom

Josh & Melanie said...

you have the best grandma!! and she is so so lucky to have such a wonderful granddaughter.

Savannah said...

It is so wonderful that you have such a good relationship with your grandmother!! What a sweet, sweet lady. :) What a blessing it is to have such a great bond with her!

Morris Mama said...

All your posts are making me cry! I love them and now I love your Grandma and I don't even know her.

Julie said...

Heather, your blogs always make me cry. You are an amazing person and you are very talented at expressing yourself through words. I admire you! I never knew your grandma has been living with you. I think it's a wonderful thing you are doing for your grandma and it's wonderful that she enriches your lives so much!

Maegan said...

Heather, I loved reading your tribute to Grandma. You have such a way with words and express yourself in such a neat way. I love you, and am so grateful for our family. We are truly blessed beyond words.

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