Thursday, December 11, 2008

Moving to Cold Country

We're doing it...
We're moving and doing it big time.
Brad and I have been feeling a need to move for a couple of reasons including -

A bigger house that will accommodate us better and allow everyone to have some personal space.

To give the kids a new start away from all the painful memories of their pasts.

They grew up in this area in various apartments, motels, foster homes, etc. and are constantly reminded of traumatic times even while driving through town. It has been heartbreaking for us to see the pain they are feeling each time they are reminded. Pain that is manifested, most the time, in erratic behavior. My guess is that it is the same behavior they developed while living in those situations to block out the pain, confusion and fear they felt.

Our hope is that by moving them to a new environment, they'll be able to work through the confusing emotions, without having to relive them over and over, and move on.

We've looked at and considered several different places but ultimately decided on South Dakota of all places. I know, it's seems like a random place to choose especially considering we're making the move just after Christmas in the dead middle of winter.

So, What was it that allured us there?

Three things specifically.
1 - my mommy
2 - my 13 year old brother Justin
3 - my 11 year old sister Lauren

They've lived there for about 4 years and have fallen in love with the area.

I've been up there several time to visit since they've moved and I'd have to agree it is beautiful!

Brad and I went up there in the beginning of November and found and bought a house that I'm quite excited about.

Not only it is over twice as big as the house we're in,
it has a BASEMENT!

I've dreamed of having a space for the kids to play, run and make their messes since we've gotten them. Messes that I won't have to look at if I don't want to.
Here it is!!

It has five bedrooms,
3 baths,
some of which desperately need to be renovated or at least painted!
(The previous owners had eccentric paint choices in the kids areas)
and 3 living areas including the basement,
and probably most important for our Arizona family, a fireplace.
Oh ya, it has a kitchen too...
and 2 unfinished rooms with potential to become whatever we want to make them

We're also about a 1/2 hour drive from here.
And best of all, we're only a 10 minute drive away from these great people.


Kayla & Samuel said...

(Elder Porter), Brad & Heather,

Wow, I have found you in the middle of some HUGE events in your lives. Congratulations on your new family, all five of them. I just thought I would say hi. I was in the MTC with Brad for 2 months & lost contact after we returned home. Talk to you later!

Hma. Kayla (Mortensen) Roth

Karol Turley said...


Maranda Whittle said...

Holy Cow! That's awesome though! How fun for you guys to start a new life with you children! Good luck with everything!

Lindsay said...

what excitement for you and your growing family. please stay in touch, it has been exciting to hear and see what's going on with you. all my wishes to you and the little one who'll be coming in the spring. glad you'll be close to your mom...i can't imagine life without being close with mine. it's amazing what moms do for us "little girls" who are know moms ourselves. what an adventure and the house looks awesome. also, i can't believe how much your little borther looks like brian!! holy moly. happy holidays, heather.

Tara Bowman said...

What the heck Heather! I had no idea you guys were moving, now we definalty need to get together before you leave!! I am so happy for you though, it sounds like it's just what you need. I am so excited for you and WOW your new home looks amazing. I love it!

heather said...

WOW! That is a huge change!! Are you ready for cold??
The house is gorgeous!!

Sands...Like Sands on the Beach said...

HEATHER!! That is ONE INCREDIBLE house you guys found over there! I'm actually a fan of the eccentric colors...:) You guys are just going to go wild over there. & yes, I am in LARGE SUPPORT of being anywhere your mom is...We end up flying my mom out here on a whim whenever we need her! Lauren & Bryan (oh, I mean JUSTIN) are huge! That picture totally took me by surprise, it's cloning @ it's best!

Well, now, we will HAVE to do lunch around Christmas when I'll be in town and before you move back east! Start the planning...:)

Lindsay said...

I was wondering why you guys had decided to move and now I completely understand. What a great way to give your children a fresh new start!! The house looks perfect and I know you'll enjoy being close to your mom, especially when it's time for the baby to be born. I bet you're not too excited to leave Dr. Holmes, though! Good luck with everything and I hope you settle in nicely. That snow DOES look a little cold. ;)

And holy cow, I can't believe how much Justin looks like a mini-Brian at that age!

Sarah said...

Wow, that's awesome! I love the house, the floors are great! Congrats and good luck! I envy you for getting out of this state... lol

Julie said...

Heather-Wow! First I'd like to congratulate you on your new home. It is beautiful. While I am sad that you will be leaving, I am so excited for your new adventure. Todd and I moved our family to a little town in Ilinois in the middle of the coldest winter they had in 20 years...and we loved it! The snow was a fun change and we enjoyed being away from home and off on our own for a while. Good luck! You have a fun and loving family and I know you will find happiness where ever you live!

Gloria said...

Good for you! What wonderful parents you are to move your children away from all the pain. The house is way cute! I love all the color. And the basement is a way huge bonus! I would kill for a basement right now:)

Josh & Melanie said...

Wow! I bet your mom is SOOO excited! You guys are such great parents because you are constantly have their best interest at heart! Where will your grandma live? will she move with you? As someone who has moved across the country I can understand what it's like to move to a new place, after having only ever lived in AZ! It's really a fun, eye-opening experience (for the good). Neadless to say, I didn't move in the middle of winter. And from what I can tell, SD winters seem much worse than Chicago winters. :) But you guys and the kids are going to love it there I'm sure! Plus, you'll be a little closer to Chicago, so we just might have to come and visit next year. :)

Savannah said...

How fun Heather!!! Love the house! Best of wishes to you guys...Hope all goes well with it all :) I'm looking forward to seeing new pictures of when you move in and of your new baby!!! :)

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