Saturday, December 6, 2008

Like Mother Hopefully Like Daughter...

I had a cool singing opportunity a while back. I love music and singing and sing in a few choirs. One of the choirs I'm in has so much talent among the members and the director. There are several accomplished musicians, choral directors for various schools, and song writers. I LOVE singing in a good choir, especially with other people who can sight-read well.

A lady who used to sing in the choir, Joan Sowards, has written a ton of music. She has especially written a lot for the Young Women organization of the church. She is very talented. I felt honored when she asked me if I'd record some of her songs.

I recorded a song that had 3 part harmony and got to sing all 3 parts. I've recorded before but haven't ever done this singing with myself thing before. It was a lot of fun and cool to hear one voice singing all the parts.

After listening to it, I was surprised at how much the alto part sounded like my mom's voice. Any of you who have had the privilege of hearing my mom sing know that she has a beautiful, low, alto voice that sends chills through your body and makes you want to lay back and listen forever. Even as a teenager, I'd ask her to come in my room and sing me to sleep. To me, hearing her sing, is what I imagine the angelic music in heaven sounding like and has the same effect on my spirit.

I've been asked to sing several times lately for various events including a few sacrament meetings, a funeral, enrichment nights, baptisms and for the 50th birthday celebration concert of an accomplished composer for the church.

I feel like my voice has matured a lot lately these past few years and have been so surprised and extremely flattered when after I sing, people compare my voice to my MOM'S! Earlier this week, after singing at a funeral of a sweet lady in my ward, several people came up to ask me my name. One couple, after finding out I was a Turley said to each other, "See? Doesn't she sound like Karol?" Then to me, "Are you related to her?"

Um... ya she's my mom.

I've heard similar comments from about 5 other people who attended that funeral.

WHAT? They think I sound like her? I couldn't think of any better compliment in the world!!

I don't know if it'll last, but even if it is a short-lived phase, I'm taking these flattering compliments with a grateful heart hoping to one day be able to obtain the celestial beauty of my mom's voice.

To hear yours truly x3 click HERE
(listen for the sound of my mom's voice in the alto part)

A lot of people have told me they only hear the piano on the recording.
It'll play the vocals if you use Mozilla Firefox for the internet browser to pull it up, but if you're using Internet Explorer it only plays the piano.
Not sure why.


jack+alli said...

i couldn't get the link to work....but how neat! i remember a tape (yes, old school, right?!) that alayne had and i LOVED the song that your mom sang, HIS HANDS. seriously, i still think of that often and wonder where i can buy it! i completely know what you mean about it sending shills down your spine! i'll have to try the link again later :)

Julie said...

I have actually heard both you and your mom sing together at our family Christmas eve party a few years ago. I remember being blown away then at your performance.
I am glad you have this blog because it allows me to get to know you better and admire you even more!

Malinda said...

I listened to it. But I only got the piano part it didn't have the voice. I would love to hear you sing it. I bet that you sound exactly like your mom. I to had the tape and loved it.

Carl and Amber said...

I loved the piano! I couldn't get your voice either, but I would love to hear it!!!!

Josh & Melanie said...

I've always LOVED to hear you sing! (and your mom, and Laree) You have such an amazing voice. It was a lot of fun to sing next to you in the chior at my dad's party. I may have told you this already, but my grandma/pa J played a CD you three had recently recorded and when you started singing I thought it was your mom, and my dad said "nope, that's Heather!"

Lindsay said...

Heather, that was beautiful!!! I guess I didn't realize that you sung too! What an honor to be asked to sing for so many special occasions! Growing up, I remember listening to a cassette tape of songs that your mom had recorded back in the day. And when she sung in church, it always moved my parents to tears. What amazing talent you have in your family!! :)

Karol Turley said...

"Do you wanna hear me yodel?"

(private joke)

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