Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kiana's Baptism

Kiana turned 8 last January, but she had to wait for her adoption to be final before she could get baptized. It was a LONG wait for her. Between January and now, she told me at least once a week that she wanted to be baptized.

The day finally came and
she was able to be baptized by her daddy.

She had a lot of family and friends come to support her.
It was really a special day for her.

Her teacher from school even came!
Heather Laine has been such a great influence on Kiana this past year and a half that Kiana has been in her classroom. Heather has a great love for her students that her students can feel and flourish from. It's no wonder that Kiana has blossomed so much since being with her. Not only has she taught her academics (which she has, and she's worked miracles), she's taught her life skills, and most importantly communication skills. I attribute most of Kiana's sign language fluency to Heather.
(The other little girl in the picture is Cassidy, one of Kiana's best friends from her class at school.)
The missionary on the left of the above picture is one of the 3 Deaf/ASL (American Sign Language) missionaries currently serving in the the Valley. We were at the temple the week of her baptism and ran into them. Kiana was SOOO excited to see missionaries who sign and she talked with them for almost an hour. They were so cute with her, watching every story she told and responding enthusiastically. They willingingly went with her as she pulled them around the temple grounds to see the nativity and other displays they have. Kiana asked them to come to her baptism and they DID!! She was so excited to have them there.

I thought this picture of Rachel, Jada and Oaklie was so cute I HAD to include it.


Morris Mama said...

I'm sorry we missed her special day. I had driving school. LAME!!! I'm glad we got to see you at the temple on Friday night though. Your kids looked like angels.

Julie said...

I'm so sorry we missed her baptism. I'm sure you must have told us about it, but I must've forgot! I was glad to be a part of the sealing on Friday, though. That was special and I was honored to be invited!

Kayla & Samuel said...

Wow, what a special time for all of you, congratulations! I'll bet this baptism was a bit more special for Brad than any in Paraguay (even though those are awesome too.) Aren't families just the best?!

Sands...Like Sands on the Beach said...

Congratulations Kiana! This is just icing on the cake to the finalization & adoption, I bet! And now you get to go with your family & REALLY flourish out east!

Rachel looks so GREAT in that picture! Oh, how I miss your fam!

Karol Turley said...

I LOVE that picture of my mom with you all! If I couldn't be there, it means everything to me that she was. I love our eternal family ties!!

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