Friday, November 21, 2008

Kishawn's Self-Hair-Cutting-Days Gone?

Kishawn has had an obsession with shaving his head for several months. About half the time he takes a shower, he goes into Brad's and my bathroom and takes the electric razor to his head. We are constantly finding bald stripes on him. Our repeated warnings to stop didn't slow him down at all.

Then the other night he walked proudly out of the bathroom after his shower looking like this

He's got the 'I'm-mad-glare' down pat!

Every other time he's done it, we've saved him from embarrassment by shaving the rest of it for him. How many times should I save him though? He hadn't obeyed our requests to stay away from the razor, so I thought maybe the natural consequences would work better?

The next day I let him go to school looking just like this...
All day, I wondered how his day was going and hoped he didn't get teased too much.
As I picked him and Jazz up, I could see that he looked forlorn. When he wouldn't answer me when I asked him what the matter was, Jazmine jumped in and said that she heard a boy tell him that his hair looked stupid.

I regretted my decision to let him go like that as he shed a few tears on the way home, but he seemed to quickly get over it after I shaved his whole head for him.

I asked him if he was going to shave his head again.
"Why not?" I asked
"'Cause I don't wanna look like a weirdo!"

Ha Ha. He's such a cute kid!!

I will miss that 'Bozo the Clown' look though...


Savannah said...

Kids are so funny! I bet he meant it though when he said that he won't do that again!!! ;) I personally think you did the right thing....if we don't follow through with things, our kids will think they can get away with everything! It'll make them really think about consequenses for other things and know that you mean business :)

I truly meant it when I said that those kids are lucky to have you as their mom! You are exactly what those kids need, and they are truly blessed! :)

heather said...

That is such a great story!! And I think the natural consequence worked!! :)

Carl and Amber said...

I would have done the same thing as you!

Carl and Amber said...

I would have done the same thing as you!

Turley Family said...

I think that you made a good choice letting him go to school like that. Most lessons are learned after a few tears.

Karol Turley said...

I'll put Justin or Lauren to work making him a beanie, so he won't freeze that cute little bald head off once he gets here! xoxoxoxo

Gloria said...

It is so hard being a parent and knowing that once in a while we have to let our kid's fall, just so they will learn. Good job being brave. I have had to the same thing with Coty a couple of times. I always end up crying with him.

Josh & Melanie said...

that is hilarious! I like your method for teaching him, the natural consequences really do work!