Monday, October 20, 2008

Zoo Walk and Farm

Last Saturday, we took the kids to the Phoenix Zoo for the Zoo Walk for Autism to support this cute cousin
(Cade on his daddy's (Scott) shoulders)

We all met outside the zoo and took this picture
We had a great time with some great people like her,
(Gramma Porter)

and her.
(Great-Gramma Porter)

My brother-in-law, Dan, is probably one of the nicest people I will ever meet.
He also might be one of the funniest. He took this "picture" of me telling me to make faces. He was acting like he was waiting for the perfect time to snap the picture while the whole time he was taking a video. I'm such a nerd!

The kids had a good time and especially liked it when they got a turn riding in this

After the Zoo, we came home and napped. Then a few hours later headed off to
Vertuccio Farms.

Finding our way through the corn maze...

Jada had so much fun riding this.

Jazmine amazes me with her ability to make friends everywhere we go.


heather said...

That does look fun! I love the Zoo!

Maranda Whittle said...

Hey Heather, it's Maranda(arrington) Congrats on the pregnancy! I'm pretty sure you're in my sister's ward, Marquita Severtson. Email me your email address and I'll invite you to mine!

Josh & Melanie said...

what a fun day you guys had!! I love autumn time and pumpkin season. I made a pumpkin pie once with a real pumpkin, it's not as hard as it seems! Oh, and cute faces. :)

Morris Mama said...

I would LOVE to take pics!

Sarah said...

looks like fun! How was the farm?? We almost went to that one yesterday, but choose a closer one. =/ Should've gone to that one...

Carl and Amber said...

I am so glad that you found me!! I have tried asking Bobbie about you several times, but she never gets around to asking your sister! I am so glad for the successful pregnancy! I definitely understand, to a degree, what you have gone through. We have miscarried three times. The last one was so hard. See the ultrasound was devastating. Going through labor was so emotionally draining. All the pain, only to feel more when I saw the sacks. My last pregnancy had me on the rocks until about 15 weeks. The sicker I felt, the more confident I was that this prego would stick. I don't think that I have ever been more grateful for sickness. Good luck!!

Tanner and Shasta said...

Hey sweetheart! Oh my gosh you guys are too cute. I'm so excited for you and your little family. Those sweet kids are so lucky to have you. I'm excited to keep in touch. I'm loving this whole blogging thing, I found Cassi Liles like a week ago. She's still so sweet. Anyway I'm glad you found me!

Morris Mama said...

Oh my gosh! Like I would EVER charge you! Puh-leese! Here's my email:

Janalie said...

Your pictures are cute!!! I am so glad you found me. I ahve just made my blog private so if you send me your e-mail adress. I will dd you to the list.

Tara Bowman said...

Hey Heather-

I am so glad you found me! I have thought of you often and wondering how you are with your new little ones. I am so happy for you and Brad. We definitly need to get together sometime, I would love to catch up.

Talk to ya soon,