Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Jada Started School

Jada qualified for preschool a while ago but I have purposefully put off taking her. I enjoy having her at home too much!! I didn't want her to leave!

Finally, I was convinced (by Jada) to take her to school. Everyday, several times a day, she would tell me, while slapping her hands together to sign school, "I go cool!!"

Kiana rides a bus to school and since I've told Jada that she was going to ride a bus as well, she has been fixated with buses and when it will be her turn to ride one.

Her infatuation began with an innate ability to spot every single bus in the city. She'd subsequently yell, "Bu Bu Bu!!" while spinning her hands in circles like the song "The Wheels on the Bus".

She soon wasn't satisfied with just looking at the buses: she wanted to ride one and let me know it probably at least 40 times a day. "Momma, I rie bu!!"

So finally, last Friday, Brad and I drove her down to the preschool to officially enroll her. I wasn't sure what she would think so my plan was to just show her the room to familiarize her with it for when she started this week. After she saw the classroom though, she wasn't going anywhere. As the teacher showed her around the classroom, Jada's first question was, "Nanny" (interpreted as candy). Not surprising. The teacher explained that they don't have candy but they will be having snack time.

We saw that she was fine and left the classroom to fill out some more paperwork. Just before leaving, I went to peak in the window of the classroom to see her getting into a cabinet, pulling out a gallon size bag full of suckers. The look on her face could have been interpreted as "SCORE!"

She was so excited to tell us about her day when we came to pick her up. According to her it consisted of, "Eat! Drink! and Book!" BUT, she was not amused when she realized that she was not going to ride a bus home and whined about it the whole way home.

Today was her second day of school and the beloved BUS was coming to pick her up. After getting ready she proudly walks up to Brad then me and tells us goodbye.
"Where you goin'?" I ask.
"Uh, I go cool, I rie bu."

So we went outside to wait...

She had this HUGE grin on her face ALL morning.

I can't believe my "baby" is going to school.
Even though she'll be three on the 31st of this month and she's big for her age, I still call her my baby.
See G-G (short for Great-Grandma) in the background? She's always out keeping up with everything going on around the house and helping out. I love her SO much!!

After calling, "Bu, where go?" several times, she was finally able to yell that the bus was here!!

She ran to the bus and hopped right on. Finally, after a prompting from the bus driver, she turned around to wave goodbye.

My 'baby' was gone. It was a long 2 1/2 hours for me, but I survived. I'll have to say goodbye to her 3 times a week, hopefully it gets easier on me. She was still sporting the huge grin when she got home. After asking her what she did, she YELLED, "BOOK... RIE BU... EAT!!
What else could a 2 year old want?


Josh & Melanie said...

Jada is so cute! I'm glad you feel good about her going to preschool and riding the bus. And she can keep the blanket, I have a few others like it and too many blankets in general. You can tell her it's a gift from Owen. :)

heather said...

Ah, she is such a cutie! I love that she was the one that was insisting on riding the bus and going to school!!

heather said...

Ah, she is such a cutie! I love that she was the one that was insisting on riding the bus and going to school!!

Lindsay said...

How cute!! :) And good thing she gets to ride the bus! Gavin asks every day when he's going to "his kindergarten!" It's going to be a long three more years before he starts school officially!