Monday, September 8, 2008

Our Latest Home-Renovation Project

Being self-employed, Brad gets to choose his own schedule and has been staying home quite a bit lately. I LOVE it. To be productive still, we decided to start (again) to renovate the house. We started in the girl's bedroom.

The bed on the left is Jada's (our 2 year old). She went with Brad and I to IKEA to buy it. While we were there we asked her if she wanted a new bed. "NO!", she would yell out. Anything related to a bed, she wants nothing to do with. After we got home, and set it up though, she decided that she likes it.

We got most of the wall accessories at TJ Max. I LOVE that store.

Jada is SO proud of her new room.
She drags every person (even strangers) that comes over into her room to show it off. As we were doing it, she'd wake up from her naps, go check out the room then come find me to show me what else had been done.
She 'helped' with the painting a lot too. I had a lot of touch-up to do after her 'help'.

Why a picture of a door? Because I'm proud of the trim work that we did around it. We ripped off all the old trim and added this.

This odd-angled picture is to show the crown molding we added to the ceiling.

This is Jazmine and Kiana's beds.
(Notice the different spellings of Kiana and Jazmine's names...
after the adoption is final in November we are going to officially change the spellings of their names.)

This was Brad's idea. We bought the brown wood thing in the middle, Brad put the trim around it and I painted it.


jack+alli said...

i thought you dissappeared! everything looks great!

Morris Mama said...

Such cuteness! You have great molding skillz. Send Brad on over to my house will ya?

heather said...

so good to see a new post!! those rooms are amazing! you guys did great! no wonder she wants to show everyone!

Turley Family said...

The room looks great! I love the colors that you guys chose.

Karol Turley said...

Girl, next time you come to visit me, you'd better bring your paintbrush! The secret is out, oh talented one... I LOVE the room! I'm so happy for my babies to get to enjoy that room. A job well done, my darling daughter~~ And I tip my hat to Brad and his carpentering expertise! You done good, my boy!! oxoxoxox Mom~~

Karol Turley said...

What my daughter can do with a soda-cup from Common Sense is nothing short of A M A Z I N G ...