Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Great News!!

I mentioned it in my last blog...
and got a lot of responses from it
via phone calls, emails, and comments. I thought I was being subtle, but apparently not so much.

It's official I'm Pregnant!!

I have a history of miscarriages (8 to be specific, apparently I have some gene malformation that makes it hard for my body to hold a baby),
so I wanted to wait 'til I got in to see a doctor before officially announcing it.

Brad and I went in today and I got an ultrasound. Every ultrasound I've ever had showed a lifeless baby so I was very nervous about it all morning.

Today, though we had a miracle!!
We saw a heartbeat!!!!

The doctor gave me a list of supplements to take that will offset the effects of the mutated gene. He sounded optimistic about the health of the baby and the pregnancy.

I feel optimistic about it too. For example -

  • I almost always feel like puking my guts out. (Morning sickness is a huge misnomer. It should be called My-Eyes-Are-Open Sickness)
  • I am always tired. (If I didn't have 4 kids to take care of, I might be tempted to sleep all day)
  • My boobs hurt. (Ouch)
I haven't gained weight yet, actually I've lost about 6 lbs. But I'm sure as the baby grows and my appetite comes back that will change.

My house has been severely neglected, but Brad is SO good to take up the slack.

As horrible as I feel, I am so grateful for it. I know that as long as I'm sick, most likely the baby is fine. The nausea I experienced with the other 8 pregnancies (hardly any) doesn't compare to this and for that I'm

The baby is 7 weeks old in this.


Fawn said...

that is wonderful!!!! what a miracle! we'll keep you in our prayers =0)

Morris Mama said...

Hooray! I am jumping up and down with excitement right now! This is the best news ever! I will be thinking of you and praying for you!

Malinda said...

Hey Heather! I am glad I came across your blog! Congrats on the pregnancy! Email me at malinda03@gmail.com I will invite you to view ours.

heather said...

I am so happy for you!! Isn't it funny how the majority of women whine and complain about the sickness, and here you are being so grateful for it!

jack+alli said...

heather~i'm so sorry you have had quite a few miscarriages. you are in my prayers for a healthy pregnancy! this is so exciting!

Josh & Melanie said...

I never knew you had never seen a heartbeat before, what a special moment that must have been for you!!!! I am seriously so excited for you!!!! You deserve a healthy pregnancy so much. I will keep you in my prayers that all goes well. And by the way, you hide your "morning" sickness well, you didn't look sick at all the times I've seen you!

Karol Turley said...

I feel giddy and giggly and like I can't sit still for excitement all over again as I read this, and I've been in on it from the get-go!

Heather and Brad, I'm so happy, happy, HAPPY!!! Your gain is also my own, you know... ;)

Puke on, my darling!! Someone in heaven is coming to be ours! xoxoxoxo

KaraLyn said...

I'm so excited for you guys! I've heard stories that people can't/have a hard time getting pregnant and they end up adopting and then... They get pregnant. I believe this is because those 4 adorable kids you have had to come first, now Heavenly Father can send more... You guys are such great parents! Hope you feel better soon and good luck! It's amazing what they can do with medicine nowadays!

Lindsay said...

Congratulations!!!! I'm sorry that you've had so much heartache on your road to becoming parents. Stick tight, baby!!!

We have the same OB, by the way. :)

Lindsay said...

Yes, I love Dr. Holmes too, but this is actually the first time he'll be delivering one of my babies!! With the twins, he wasn't on our insurance and with my last baby, we were in California. My mom and sister go to him too.

Amanda Stark said...

That is wonderful news.Make sure to take good care of yourself!

Nina Olson said...

It's Nina!! CONGRATS!! I heard the news from Laree and then I found your blog!! How are you?

Karol Turley said...

Justin was a bit confused about the sore boobs comment. I filled him in. Always at your service ~ Mom