Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July in Heber

For the 4th of July this year, we went to Heber to camp and see their fireworks show. Most of my family was able to go but we did miss Maegan and Colvin, and Rachel. Hopefully next year they will be able to come.

We brought the family dog, Thor.

Uncle Jason is always a big hit with all the kids. He and Justin gave them rides on the quads all weekend. They are so lucky to have such cool uncles. Beautiful Annie poses for the cam. Don't you wanna go out and buy yourself some Sunkist Soda now?Laree and Trent
On Friday night, after getting rained on for a few hours, we build a big fire to get warm.

The kids played by it...while the adults relaxed, and Andrea worked on her photography skillsShe's getting pretty good.

I worked very diligently to keep my kids clean all weekend. Poor Jada, the flies were swarming her at one point.

Saturday morning, we went into town (Heber) for their 4th of July parade, and waited for it to start.

We had been waiting for almost an hour when Laree noticed she hadn't seen Keyiona for a while. After thinking about it, I realized that neither had I. I just figured that she was with someone else the whole time. How could this happen?
So I ran back to the car to see if she had been left in there, but found nothing. At this point I felt panicked. I found a sheriff and asked him if they had found any little girls. He made a phone call and told me that they had!


I felt so bad for her. She must had been so scared. I
wondered if they would think to have here write her name for them since she doesn't talk. After waiting about 15 more minutes for them to drive her down to us, she finally got there. She seemed content as she drove up, but as I picked her up out of the car the flood gates opened. She cried for a while then was fine.

After we sat back down she showed me a paper in her hand. It went something like this.

Sheriff: What is your name?
K: Keyiona
Sheriff: Who is your mom?
K: Mom
Sheriff: Where is your mom?
K: Dad
Sheriff: What is your phone number?
K: (no answer)

I was glad to see that they did think to have her write things for them. I think that I need to work with her on the answers though. I thought she did pretty good all things considered however.
Her face brightened up as she told me that the girl Sheriff knew some sign language but not a lot. "Only fingerspelling" She's so precious.

She came back just in time for the parade to start.


KaraLyn said...

Looks like a fun weekend! I'm so glad you guys found Keyiona safe! That's one of my biggest fears is losing my kid!

Josh & Melanie said...

Looks like a great time in Heber! I bet the weather was nice. Sorry you had such a scare wiht Keyiona, but glad you got her back safely!!

Julie said...

Every mom's worst nightmare is losing a child. So scary. Your family does a lot of fun things! Your kids are going to look at their childhood with the fondest memories.

Karol Turley said...

Excuse me, but more than Maegan, Colvin and Rachel were missing from that outing... AHEM!!!