Saturday, May 24, 2008

Summer Haircuts

Last Summer, Kishawn got his hair cut "like Uncle Justin". So this summer he wanted to do the same and 'cut it like Uncle Justin'.

When Jasmine informed him that, "Hair grows and his head isn't shaved anymore" he didn't care a bit.

He has been telling Brad for weeks that when school was over they would both shave their heads just like each other. So finally, the other day, Brad went to his mom's to borrow her clippers.

So when he came home I shaved them both.

And the finished product
Showing off their haircuts togetherAfter seeing it in the mirror, Kishawn informed me that he wanted it ALL shaved off.
I can't figure out why he didn't like it.


But, I went ahead and did it for him anyway.
After finishing the boys hair, I was feeling ambitious and cut all my girls hair too.
I'm not a hair stylist, but I am pretty observant when I get my hair cut so I gave them my most recent hair cut. It even had layers. Andrea, my sis who is a hair stylist, saw the cuts and told me that the cut I did is called a 180. Who knew.

Here are the after pics of the girls


Morris Mama said...

I tried to give Tabby a cute cut and I pretty much ruined her hair. Maybe you could help me!

Julie said...

Hi Heather! I found your blog on Melanie's blog and had fun catching up a bit on your life. It's been forever I guess since I've seen you and I'm happy to hear you're a mom. Wow, four children, that's great! You sound very happy. Do you still live in Mesa? I just thought I'd say hi, so Hi!

heather said...

I am way impressed with your hair cutting talents!! So, what do you charge?? ;)

Lizzy said...

nice job! I have yet to cut any of my children's hair but you've given me hope I'll have to start paying attention when i get my hair cut. You're an awsome mom!