Sunday, May 11, 2008

My First Mother's Day!

Last years Mother's Day, we were just a few weeks shy of getting the kids, so this is my VERY FIRST Mother's Day with them.

I feel so blessed to be their mother. They have taught me so much about life and have helped me to realize what is really important. I am so grateful for all the tender times we have shared as well as the ones that try me. I know that there is a purpose to everything and I feel that I have grown in so many ways since getting them.

I pray that I am blessing their lives as much as they are blessing mine.
In my effort to adjust to being a mom to these four precious angels, I have made so many mistakes and done several things this past year that are completely out of character for me that I am in no way proud of. I know that the Lord is able to perform miracles though because I have seen so many happen. I pray daily that I will be given what I need to be able to meet each of their needs.

I have been humbled so many times by their sweet innocence, their ability to forgive in a matter of seconds and their desire to do what is right. Each day that passes, I better understand why we are told to be as little children. I still have so much to learn and ironically my children have become my greatest teachers.

I do sometimes find myself dwelling on my mistakes, wishing that I had handled things differently. The examples of my children though has helped me pull through those defeating thoughts. They can so easily forgive and forget and truly live in and enjoy the moment.

Because of this, I felt truly blessed today and proud to call myself their Mom.

After struggling for years, wondering when my turn to parent would come, today was magical for me. Everything really does happen in the Lord's time. He is completely aware of us and is giving us exactly what we need. My limited knowledge of things sometimes prevents me from seeing the big picture, but in the end when it all unfolds
for me to see, I am in awe at the sight. Everything comes together. The seeming struggles that can cause many tears are all a part of the beautiful, inspired plan created by my Heavenly Father.

I feel so BLESSED!

My SWEET husband, Brad, woke up at 6:30 and made me an
breakfast and delivered it to me in bed.

All the kids and Brad came in each with a gift bag for me!
Their excitement was so fun.

I opened Jada's present first. She was so excited to give it to me and had to jump in and help when I wasn't opening it fast enough.
Then, I opened Kishawn's. Lately he comes up to me all the time and buries his head in me just like this. I LOVE IT! He is such a sweet, sensitive boy.
Jasmine's was next. She made me a bunch of stuff at school too . She was so excited about it, she made me open it as soon as I picked her up on Friday (before we even got to the car).
Then it was Keyiona's turn. She is such a love bug and gives hugs like this all the time.
Brad gave me a book about adoption 'From God's Arms, to my arms, to yours' that made me cry.

Don't think it gets better than this.
My heart is SO full right now.

These are what was in the bags the kids gave me.
Thank you, Brad for making this day so wonderful for me! I couldn't ask for more from you. You amaze me everyday. I am so glad every day that I am married to you.


Morris Mama said...

Hey Heather! What a sweet post. Your kids truly are adorable. Points for Brad with the gifts! Your blog is cute!

Blair Family said...

Hey Heather, it has been a while. You have such beautiful children. You are so amazing for taking in all four. You deserve a day like this. You are an inspiration. It was good to find you. Hope you have a great day. I will have to keep in touch.

Josh & Melanie said...

Heather I am so happy you got to celebrate such a great mother's day this year!!! You deserve to have the best mother's day! You have such a great family!

Julie said...

Hi Heather! Your Mother's Day post was touching. Those kids are lucky you're their mom. I can really feel your love for them, and I'm sure they feel it too!. That is wonderful. You are a great mother and you have a cute family!

heather said...

This really lifted me, thank you.

Anonymous said...

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