Friday, May 23, 2008

Keyiona at School

Keyiona's school had an Awards Ceremony. Brad and I went along with Kishawn and Jada. My mom was even able to come! She came in town to see Andrea graduate from Cosmetology School. It was so fun to have her here even if it was only for a few short days.

This video is very blurry too. It is clear on my computer, but when I post it here it gets all blurry. I'm still trying to figure out how to use the program so please bear with me until I finally get it.

After the ceremony, they served some refreshments.

Jada is telling me (signing) that she has water. Her sign for water look a lot like she saying 'shhh'. Funny story, I was talking to one of her nursery workers after church, and she said, "I guess Jada thought I was talking too loud, she kept telling me to be quiet." Ha, poor girl she was just trying to get a drink.


Julie said...

I think it's so neat that you know sign language. What a great skill! You are a supermom!

Josh & Melanie said...

Yay for Keyiona!! I love her big bright smile! Did Jada know sign language before, or have you been teaching her?