Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Keyiona's Fieldtrip

I was able to go with Keyiona's class to the zoo thanks to my wonderful hubby.
He watched Jada for me while we went to see the animals.

She's so beautiful!!

These are some of the students from her class.
(Jasmine, Keyiona, Kay-Lin, Paula, Cassidy and David)
They loved petting the goats...

and playing...

and checking out all the cool animals...

This was Keyiona's favorite part of the whole fieldtrip.
That's Keyiona's teacher in the blue shirt, Heather Van Zee.
All the kids and parents LOVE her.

Just before the kids loaded back onto the bus, they went to the water area.
There are a bunch of fountains there that squirt water up out of the ground.
All the kids got soaked. Is was so fun to watch.
Heather, their teacher, even joined in on the fun.
Unfortunately, the battery in my camera died so I wasn't able to get any pictures of it.

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