Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Brian!!

My brother, Brian, had his 25th birthday on the 12th of this month.

Although the above picture is decent...
I wanted to capture his handsome side

another try...

Rachel tries to tame him

His wife Patti (Trish) brings out the best in him.
To celebrate, our family all got together for some dinner
and a good time.
We started the night with some delicious food...

made by our family 'chef'

Don't think it's possible to get a serious picture from him either.

Here's Dad enjoying the deliciousness...

Then, we sat, or laid, around the family room to talk, laugh...
just to be together.

After fighting it, Jason couldn't resist the urge to pick Andrea's nose

Me and my amazing husband, Brad. I couldn't ask for more from a husband.
I love you, Babe!!

Meanwhile, the kids got together and played in (destroyed) the bedrooms.

Our, so mature, might I mention, oldest member of the family, Trent (Laree's husband) put on a horse show for us.

He blew on the horses mane to get the wind effect.

Should that be censored?
Being multi-gifted,
he had to show off his chemical stained toe nails too...

or is that really chemical stains?

Colvin got up and announced that he wanted to be more bold, not sitting back and watching as much. So, he sang a song for us about kids
and at the end threw

I'm going to be an aunt again!!!

Congratulations Maegan and Colvin!!!

Calling Mom in South Dakota to give her the amazing news.
This will be her NINTH grandchild!!

We were so excited to get that news,
we had excess energy
that needed to be released,

So what else is there to do but...

Stick Pulling
(is that the name for it?)

Brad and Trent started the fun

Then, Andrea and Rachel went at itPatti vs. MeMy face in this picture is a reflection of the intense pain I felt as the toes on my right foot were being bent back so far I thought they might snap off.Better foot positioning this timeLaree VS Rachel... This was hilarious!!Patti and LareeJason and ColvinBrad and DadThen, the kids came to join in on the fun.
Keyiona won this bout by the way.

Kyler and Mara

Jasmine and 'The Tank' KishawnJasmine and Kyler
Jada may look little (okay maybe not) but...

she's build solid!

(Her clothes are off because she thought she'd join Kyler and Mara in the bath tub. Of course she was fully dressed.)

Keyiona vs. Jasmine
Jasmine vs. Kyler


Karol Turley said...

That's quite the birthday!!!!!!

Karol Turley said...

That's it. I'm moving back!!!!! Mom

BTW, I did NOT leave the above message. Who's the imposter?

Heather and Brad said...

Ha Justin said he left it and it made him do it under your name. You'll have to teach him a thing or two about using computers. =)

Josh & Melanie said...

Happy birthday to Brian! And congrats to Maegan! Wow, little Maegan is going to be a mommy! When's she due?

Heather and Brad said...

Maegan is due sometime middle of December. That'll be the 6th Dec birthday in the family. There must be something special about March.

Maegan said...

Hi Heather! Whats up?! Its so fun hanging out with you! I love you so much! I love your blog, and all your cute pictures on it! It was especially fun to see the ones with me and Colvin showing that we are pregnant! Yay! It made it even that much more real to me! I'm so excited! and Its so fun to share the excitement with such a supportive loving family. I really, feel so blessed. I love you! You're the best! Happy Blogging! Maeg