Monday, April 7, 2008

Family Pictures

I'm still catching up on my several month leave from blogging.
Every year for Christmas all of my brothers and sisters get together and take pictures to update our parent's wall. These are the pictures from this last December...

My older sister Laree, her husband Trent and their 4 beautiful children
Kyler, Mara, Gavin and Oaklie.
(In the picture the kids, in order, are Gavin, Kyler, Oaklie and Mara)

Although we did do some pictures all together as a family, someone (Jada, tired from lack of sleep) was screaming in all of them. So we're still working on that. For now these 2 separate pictures of us will have to do.

Kishawn (the boy on top) is 5, Jasmine (on the left) is 6, Jada (in the middle) is 2, and Keyiona (bottom) is 8.
My brother Brian and his wife Patti (she's Trish, if you as Brian though). Brian has a nick-name for EVERYONE. Very rarely does he ever use someone's real name. Some of them are quite creative too.
Even though his 6'8'' frame towers over her, they are so adorable together. So in love.
My sister Maegan and her husband Colvin. Queen of dessert after family dinners. We LOVE your brownies.

My sis Rachel, know as Aunt Rae Rae to the kids. Rachel is super Aunt.

Another beautiful sister, Andrea or Aunt Annie. Jada is in LOVE with Annie.
My very funny brother Jason. Or Uncle Jayden if you ask Kishawn.

The sweetheart of the family, Justin. I miss you sooo much brother. I can't wait 'til we go up there and see you!!

My very musically talented sister, Lauren who I miss sooo much too.
They had to entertain themselves somehow. It was a very cute break dance to watch.
This is Gavin, Mara, Kishawn, Kyler and Jasmine.

Check out Kishawn's moves...

Oh, and it was going so good, Kishawn. I'm sure he was trying to do that...
Gavin (on the left) cracks me up.

Mom and the 2 youngest of the family.


jack&alli said...

HEATHER!! I am so glad you found me! i have often wondered how you and your family are doing! I loved seeing all these family pictures, too. i remember all of your borthers and sisters....except Lauren, i don't think she was born yet. Anyhow, it is so great to see how wonderful you are doing. Those are very special, lucky children you have there! You and your husband are amazing!
I am sure Alayne would love to hear from you, email me and i will give you her info

Karol Turley said...

Man, I make cute kids! ; ) They married well, too! And check out the grandkids! Yea, Baby!!

Josh & Melanie said...

Wow great pictures! Glad you posted those. I love your whole family! And everyone is GORGEOUS!! The one I recognized the least is Andrea. Not used to her with brown hair!
p.s. love your totally cute background.

Lindsay said...

I'm so glad you posted these pictures!!! I canNOT believe how grown up all your younger sibs are! I guess everyone does that, huh? ;) What a beautiful family you have. We're WAY overdue for family pictures. Our last was taken when my Gavin was 3 months old!

Maegan_85 said...

Cute, Cute, Cute. Kids are so much fun! Those dancing ones are the best! I love it! They are all so animated! Yay for kids!