Saturday, April 5, 2008

At the temple

We took the kids to the temple a while back to take their pictures. I thought it'd be fun to post them. They are so adorable. People tell me all the time that they're so cute. They really are!! I wish I could take credit for their looks. I feel honored to be their 'momma'. We can't wait for the time we can go in there together all dressed in white!!

We took these that day after Kishawn found Brad's razor and tried to shave his head. When I asked him why he did that, he said he wanted to look like Uncle Justin. Justin is my 12 year old brother who Kishawn idolizes. If you look closely on the right side of his head, you can see light spots that he shaved to the skin.
Jasmine LOVES her daddy and her daddy adores her.

Keyiona just turned 8, and we are excited for her to be baptized when the adoption is final.
Jada always has us laughing with her expressive faces. She can tell complete stories with her face alone. Such a cutie!!

Me and my girls
If there is one person in the world who can do no wrong in Kishawn's eyes, it is his daddy. He tries to emulate him in every way. It's very adorable and forces Brad to watch what he does and says a lot more. Haha


Lindsay said...

Heather, I'm so glad that you are blogging! I love seeing pictures of your family!! The kiddos are beautiful and I think they are pretty lucky to have you- and vice versa! How special that day will be when you can be sealed together. What a neat experience it will be!!!

Karol Turley said...

I'm so happy to call myself Gramma Mia of those 4 kids! I love and treasure them, and long for the day I sit in a sealing room to watch them sealed to us as a family for ever and EVER!