Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Dirt Bike Fettish

Week after week, Kishawn accompanied his dad to the track for practices and races. Kishawn talked daily about when he would have his very own motorcycle. After getting a bicycle for Christmas, he spent hours outside riding it. He would put on his motorcycle jersey, helmet and any other gear he had, and get on his bike. He couldn't just get on and ride it like you would a regular bicycle though. First the bike had to be 'started'. So he'd 'kick-start' it a few times until the 'motor' started running. Then he'd check out how the motor was running by twisting the 'throttle'. Next, the bicycle had to be 'put into gear' and he was off. According to his teachers at the preschool, he talks about riding non-stop there too.

I think that saying that Kishawn idolizes his dad is an understatement. He is Brad's biggest and most loyal fan.

Here is Brad at one of his races.

My brother, Jason, goes out to the track with them too. He also competes. These next two pictures are of him.


one day...

Brad came home with Kishawn's first dirt bike!!
He got on it for the first time and immediately took off down our street as if he (at 4 years old) had been riding his whole life. It was scary for me to watch but I was comforted knowing that he was padded/protected wearing full motorcycle gear.

The day FINALLY came for Kishawn to compete in his very first race. He almost couldn't contain his excitement. He woke up at 4am the morning of the race and got all of his gear ready. He asked me over and over if I was going to go out and see him race.


Waiting for his race to start at the starting gate...

He was SOOO proud to be there.
(Notice the 'Thor' emblem on his shirt... They are such fanatics that our new puppy, a white lab, is named Thor)

Uncle Matt giving him some pep talk just before the gates fall. Kishawn is on the bike in the middle. The guy in the blue striped shirt and black jacket, on the left, is Papa (my dad).
The trophy he got from this race went with him everywhere for nearly a week, even to bed. He showed it to each person he saw and told them to 'read it'. He's so adorable.

I got to watch Laree's kids one day. While they were over, Kishawn gave Kyler and Mara rides in our back yard. Kyler could have ridden all day. Mara was a little scared initially but then realized that she was having fun. Gavin wanted nothing to do with it.

This is a family friend who the kids call Uncle Mike. He was a devoted rider with the guys until he crashed in one of the races and broke the C-2 vertibrae in his neck! He is VERY lucky to still be walking. The doctors told him that over 90% of people that break their necks there become quadriplegics. He has been back on his motorcycle since then but hasn't raced yet.


heather said...

So...Melanie told me she found your blog! I can't believe you have four kids and a dog! Wow! I'm so excited to see pictures of your cute family and all the things you are doing. :)

If you want to email me, I'll invite you to my blog...if you even remember your little red-headed "other" Heather friend from, what? 3rd and 4th grade! ;)

Anonymous said...

Gramma Mia is so proud of you, Kishawn! I can't wait to go to the track and see you ride. You did a good job giving rides to Kyler & Mara. I love you so much!!!! Hugs and kisses from Mia~

Josh & Melanie said...

holy cow I didn't know Brad was into dirt bike racing!! How fun for Kishawn to have someone so cool to look up to! It's so cute to see him on hit little dirt bike, and great you guys have place in your backyard to ride it. I think I'd be scared too!

As for us, we'd be in Ecuador about 10 months. I'll be in AZ June 4-10. I'd love to see you then!!

Josh & Melanie said...

p.s. could you email me your address? I'll be having a baby shower in AZ and want to send you an invite.

Lindsay said...

Oh, you are a better mom than me!!! That's amazing that your 5 year old is riding! Heck, my 5 year olds can't even ride their bikes without training wheels! I had no idea Brad was into dirt biking either! What a fun father-son bonding opportunity!

Wanda said...

Keep up the good work.