Thursday, September 27, 2007

Getting to Know Eachother

I am doing this blog both for me, to keep record of everything we're doing, and also for all the people who would like to hear our story and keep up with all that's going on at the Porter house.

Before we got the kids in our home, we had several visits with them. Sometimes we went to the Threet's where Jada was staying, sometimes we went to the Vanderpool's where the older 3 were living, and other times we took them out.

This time was very special for us. A lot of bonding took place between all of us. Although I am very grateful for this time we had to get to know each other before they moved in, it did get progressively more and more difficult to take the kids back to their homes instead of with us. It was hard on them too. They would cling to our legs not wanting us to leave each time we dropped them off. Often they shed tears and made us promise again and again that we'd come back and get them.
Meanwhile though, we did a lot of exciting things together. There were a lot of trips to Grandma and Grandpa Porter's. There was no struggle feeling accepted there. I believe everyone who enters that home feels that way. So much love!! We took an overnight trip to the sand dunes on the Arizona border and got to ride dirt bikes and quads, went to parks and out for dinner. Most of all we were together.

We first heard about Jada from the Threet's. We had taken her out with us a few times before we even met the older three. This picture is from the very first time we meet Keyiona, Jasmine and Kishawn. Grandma Porter came over to meet them too. We left this visit with them, knowing deep in our hearts that they were to be ours forever.

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